Monday, May 30, 2011

A heart for Uganda

Please take a minute and read the note below.  Kat is a friend of mine (for over 10 years) and I am so excited about what God is doing in her life.  I know He has big plans for her trip to Uganda.  Her heart is a good example of how God works through His people.  Thanks!

Dear Friends and Family,

Good News! After prayerful consideration, I’ve decided to step out in faith (and way out of my comfort zone) to take part in a short term mission trip to Uganda this July with a team from my church, Christ Fellowship. God is moving mightily in Africa and I am honored to have this opportunity to serve Him!

Our team will partner with Pastor Makumbi Johnson and his church to provide medical, dental, and vision clinics to three villages in the Luwero district (2 hours N/W of Kampala) and launch three new church plants. Our trip will begin on July 9, 2011 and we will return on the 21st.

The total trip cost is $4,300. It’s no surprise that I do not have that kind of money lying around! I’ve already received donations from a few generous supporters who’ve helped provide the funds for the trip deposit and my immunizations. I have some money saved and plan to sell a few things, but I will still need financial support to raise all the necessary funds. The deadline for raising the funds is July 2.

25% of the money I raise will help cover the cost of supplies for the clinics, purchasing land to build churches, drilling two deep water wells, school supplies, and life saving mosquito nets.

Whether you are able to contribute financially or not, please join me in praying for the success of this mission. Please pray for me and my team now as we prepare to leave for Uganda and while we are out of the country
§  for the health and safety of our mission team
§  for the trip’s financial needs to be met
§  that our team will work well together
§  for the people of Uganda who are awaiting and preparing for our arrival

If you’d like to help support me and this mission financially, no gift is too small and I will greatly appreciate any help! The following link will take you directly to my donation page on the church website. Credit cards are accepted, but using your bank routing number is better for the church due to the fees associated with credit transactions.

While I will be made aware that you contributed, I will not know the amount. All donations are considered charitable and are tax deductible.

 If you prefer to send a check please make your check payable to “Christ Fellowship” and write “Uganda Church Plant 2011” on the memo line. Please do not put my name anywhere on the check. Mail checks to:

Christ Fellowship
Atten: Rafe Wright
2801 Orchid Dr.
McKinney, TX 75070

Please write “Uganda-July, Kat Inslee” on the bottom left corner of the envelope so that Rafe will know to add your contribution to my account.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and/or financial support. I am thrilled to have this opportunity and I can’t wait to share with you what God does on this trip and in my life!


Kat Inslee 

To Our Sweet Owen,
You have no idea how many people your life has effected.  Your smile and personality have changed so many others.  AND...Auntie Kat just might bring you a treat home from your birth country too.  :)
Love you more,

Monday, May 23, 2011

Awaka Children's Foundation: THANK YOU and a FUN NEW FUNDRAISER!

When we started our adoption journey, we kept hearing the name of ONE MAN come up over and over and over again.  We heard only good things about this man named Godfrey everywhere we looked.  Josh and I even joked about calling him Saint Godfrey (only kidding, promise).  But, the truth is...this man is amazing.  I can't even imagine what the numbers would be if I were able to add up all the children he has literally saved and impacted in immeasurable ways.  You see...Godfrey is a different kind of man.  One that God has molded and shaped to have a heart for orphans in a radical way - more specifically orphans in Uganda - his home.  I am not exaggerating when I say that this man saved our son's life.  He.  Really.  Did.  And he does that sort of thing for a living.  He also helps families who come to Uganda by being their guide.  He is a new employee of Sixtyfeet - which you probably already know is an organization that my heart is involved in - in a big way.  He also works with Awaka Children's Foundation, Inc. and changes lives with both of these amazing organizations.  He fosters children and loves them like his own.
Josh and I thought he was a older man...maybe grey...probably wrinkly...wise.  When we got to Uganda and met Godfrey...this is what we saw:

A young guy.  Tall.  Smiling.  A guy with a seriously wonderful sense of humor.  Down to earth.  Kind.  Careful.  Considerate.  Will go out of his way for anyone.  A Dad.  A husband.  And now...our friend.  Though we really do kind of just consider him family.
This picture includes his wife and two bio children - as well as other children that he is (surprise, surprise) helping.  His youngest - the baby in the pic - has very recently been diagnosed with a heart condition.  She needs to be seen by a doctor here in the US.  Awaka has raised all the funds needed to actually get them here.  Now they just need help to get some funding for their stay.
PLEASE consider going to the link below and taking part in Awaka's fundraising.  Godfrey is also happy to speak to people (churches, groups, orgs) while he is in country, so let me know if you want to set that up.  Of course, your prayers are so much more than appreciated and needed now as well.  Let me know if you have any questions!
Thank you!!!

I also will be having a UGANDA PAPER BEAD NECKLACE PARTY coming up soon.  All proceeds will go to Godfrey and his family.  More to come on that!

Awaka Children's Foundation: THANK YOU and a FUN NEW FUNDRAISER!: "FIRST off we all wanted to THANK YOU for your support of Godfrey and his family. It is thrilling to have all the money necessary for the fam..."

To Our Sweet Owen,
You have no idea how many people love you.  Seriously...pretty much everyone you meet.  You are still growing...a lot.  You are quick on a big wheel.  Your feet are have officially out grown your every way measurable.  You are ALL BOY.  And I love you every last bit of you.
Love you more,

The Narrow Path

“Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it.  For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.”
Matthew 7:13-14

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this path lately.  Narrow is the gate AND the way.  Narrow doesn’t really sound fun to me.  Wide…and with lots of other people…sounds much more…well…easy.  But, the path that leads to LIFE is narrow.  And I want to walk THAT path.
This weekend I took both kids to the park near Scottish Rite to celebrate the hospital’s 90th birthday.  There were animals and crafts, but what caught my eye was this path.

I couldn’t help but want to walk over to it.  And I thought of this verse in Matthew 7.  The path was BEAUTIFUL, but it was narrow.  And it wasn’t really EASY to walk (compared to the big road that was paved next to it), but it was so much more enjoyable.  You see, what I am learning is that in order for me to find joy in something, it doesn’t have to be easy.  In fact, what makes it joy is finding the good stuff in the hard times.  Seeing blessings and living in thanksgiving, even though life isn’t perfect and knowing that there will be really hard times.  Here lately, I have to be thankful for that.
As I think more and more about it…I can’t stop thinking that God wants me to walk the narrow path so I can rely on Him to get me through it.  If I go the easy route, I may confuse myself and think that I can do it on my own – and that doesn’t allow for any growth nor does it allow me to connect with Him.  God likes growth, doesn’t He?  And if I am growing in Him, then I am where He wants me to be.  Which is also where I want to be.
As I took pictures of the kids (cause I couldn’t let the pretty setting go by without doing that!), I had to think for a moment of the blessings that come as a result of walking the path the Lord puts me on with Him. 

Pretty amazing, huh?  And what’s even better is that if I get off the beaten path a little bit, He is mighty to save and get me back on track – AND He makes good of all things. 
At the top of the path was this…

Don’t we serve a mighty God???  It is like the reward is this beautiful place where I can sit with Him.  Such a great reminder (amongst a big crowd and lots of noise) of the stillness and peace of our mighty Savior.  He is worthy of our praise!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crazy couple of weeks...

Well...I really do think it is fair to say that there is never a dull moment in the Willis household.  Over the past couple weeks we have had a lot of "happenings".  Some of them are listed below...

  • I went out of town for the first time EVER.  Christian Alliance for Orphan's Summit VII was AMAZING.  God spoke...and I heard.  The most important things that I learned and felt like I could share are:
    • The church has a role in orphan care.  I am so excited to see what God has in store for The Journey - FBC McKinney's orphan care ministry.
    • Helping without Hurting - We are PARTNERS with the people we are helping.  We are learning from EACH OTHER.  There is no knight in shining armor.  I have already learned this to be true from our short time in Uganda, but the reminder is very appreciated.
    • God is going to walk with us one step at a time.  And when He speaks...we will be ready to listen.  We are up for whatever He has in store for us.
    • Josh is amazing.  I am so blessed to be married to this man.  Those of you who know me well...know that it wasn't easy for me to "let go and let God" while I was away.  I had never left before - because I couldn't let go of control and was too afraid of the "what ifs" while I was gone.  I am a fool for waiting so long.  Not only did Josh take good care of them...their clothes even matched on more than one occasion!  He cleaned dishes...and did laundry.  SERIOUSLY!  So thankful for our marriage and for God's blessings.  If you really give your all to HIM...He will make good of everything.  
  • Josh had an accident at work.  He was working a structure fire at a church and fell through the ceiling.  He was able to catch himself with his arm and pull himself up.  
    • Looks like he really tore his shoulder up and will be having surgery.
    • Workers comp isn't we still aren't sure when or how extensive surgery will be (2 1/2 weeks later).
    • It looks like Josh will be on light duty for approx. 6 months to recover from his injury.  This freaks us all out...for lots of reasons.  
    • We could have lost Josh that day or his injury could have been so much worse...if he had fallen...onto the pews below.  We are just thankful that he is here.
  • The kids had some regression from Mommy's trip.
    • They were not happy that I took some time away.
    • They showed me that by making life very difficult for a little while.
    • It is a GOOD thing I love them so much.  :)
    • Night time is NOT fun.  And day time was pretty scary for a while too.
    • I think things are getting better now...thank you Jesus!!!
  • We got to welcome home our close friends - The Hewitts - as they arrived home with their two kiddos from Uganda.
    • Wow...being at the airport reminds me of our own homecoming.
    • Man...that was SCARY...and EXCITING..and OVERWHELMING all at the same time.
    • Pray for the Hewitts - they are now a family of 7!!!!!
  • We had a GREAT follow up appointment at Scottish Rite for Gracie!
    • Praise the Lord!!!
    • Looks like the medicine is starting to work.  Less stiffness, less swelling, and less limping.
    • Her blood work is looking pretty good too.
    • More follow up in two months.  :)
    • No major illnesses so her immune system seems to be doing well.
All this to say...I am coming to terms with something.  And that something is this:
I think He wants me to rely on Him.  Not on everything being "OK".  So...we will take it day by day.  And recognize and appreciate all the blessings that come with each day.  It isn't always easy, but it is so great.  
Here are a couple pics of the kids that I really like from the past couple weeks...

To our sweet Owen,
Son, you crack me up.  You really do.  You are such a goof ball.  You really do seem to act just like your Daddy.  And you pick the funniest moments to show your sense of humor.  Not everyone gets it (much like your Daddy), but I do.  I think you are hilarious.  And you make me smile...pretty much all the time.  You are such a blessing.  
Love you more,