Friday, April 29, 2011

Going on mission...

God changed us when Gracie was born.  God changed us about 3 years ago when Josh and I renewed our vows.  He changed us when things were hard and when things were easier (notice I didn't say "easy" lol).  He changed us in  Uganda.  He is changing us now.
We can't help but think about what this all means.  Is he preparing us for something?  What is it gonna be???  Is it a big something?  Or a little something???  Is it a someONE?  Or a someTHING?  Or a some WAY?  WHAT IS HE UP TO?

I keep feeling like God is telling me clearly though...LIVE IN TODAY.  I am on mission right now.  In McKinney, Texas.  At my house.  On walks.  Running errands.  Why is this so hard for me? 

"Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don't get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes."  Matthew 6:34 (The Message)

One of our family's most important phrases to remember is "One day at a time."  Take it as it comes.  And I'm really not "worried" about tomorrow.  I trust that God has awesome plans.  We are choosing to follow Him today, and tomorrow I believe we will make that same choice upon rising.  At least I KNOW I will and that is all I need to know.  So, I know that he will take care of us. Totally get that.  
The thing is...I like to plan.  I like to prepare.  Surprises are nice for my birthday and anniversary...but I like to be able to know what is coming.  And when I plan for what is coming...I get sucked into this...process.  I play out the "what ifs" and the "just in cases".  And I get all wrapped up.
Wrapped up in tomorrow.  Then, there is waking up, getting dressed (X3), brushing teeth (X3), eating breakfast (X3), going to school, doing tasks, pick up, clean up, lunch, dinner, baths, bed, blah, blah, blah...and the day is over.  And I "thought" the day away.  Instead of being present.
It seems like one of my biggest daily struggles is living in "auto pilot".  I go through the day to day and don't really feel like I am "in it".  Just kinda "doing it".  If that makes sense...
So, lately, I am giving it my best to change that.  TO BE PRESENT.  APPRECIATE THE BLESSINGS IN TODAY.  This means I MUST start out with prayer.  Must.  And I have to remind myself regularly.  I have good days.  And bad days (we will call today a not so great day on my part).  But, I am really trying.
Because I get to be married to Josh, Mommy to Gracie and Owen, daughter, sister, granddaughter, friend to some of the most AMAZING people ever to live.  My life is LOADED with blessings.  And it is time to realllly appreciate them.  ONE DAY AT A TIME.  

To my sweet Owen,
Well, weren't very "sweet" this afternoon...and this evening.  You were a little bit of a handful.  But, you know what?  I love you more today than yesterday.  And I am pretty sure that tomorrow...I will love you even more than today.  You are my son.  And you are so amazing.  I praise and thank God for blessing me with you.  And one WILL learn how to listen.  RIGHT?!?!  

Love you more,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We have lots to celebrate at the Willis home lately!!!  Two of those are:
1.  Owen has been with us for almost 6 months!!!
2.  We raised 1000.00 for Sixtyfeet with our Cupcake Kids Sale!!!
If you haven't already seen it on facebook, take a few minutes and watch our video!  
Then think about how God may be looking at changing YOUR life!  
To our sweet Owen,
I can't believe it has already been 6 months!  Yet it feels like you have been with us forever.  How is it that you defy time and make both of those statements true for me?  We can't imagine life any other way, nor do we want to.  We are just so thankful that we jumped and that the jump lead us to you.  You are strong and smart.  Kind and loving.  Your laugh is contagious.  Your smile melts hearts.  You are still growing at record breaking rates!  We love you so much more than we can explain.  Thank you for being you.
Love you more,

Friday, April 1, 2011

Change a life in a really SWEET way!

fI have posted about sixtyfeet before on more than one occasion.  The places this organization is helping were laid VERY heavy on my heart shortly after we came home with Owen.  The prisons (yes, prisons) where these children (yes, children) are being held are unimaginable.  And to think that my sweet Owen (the kids there are JUST like him) could have ended up at a place like this...just destroys me.  Then...I look at the kids there...and they destroy me.  They are children...just like you and me...just like your child and mine.  They want to play and be loved, and they deserve that.  I want to change the way they are living.  I want to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  Don't you???
Today, God is showing me a way I can do that.  And it is through sixtyfeet and a good, old-fashioned cupcake sale!  Families all over the country are getting together to make a change in the lives of these doing something simple...SELLING CUPCAKES!  Take a look at the cupcake kids website here.
I have partnered with some other Moms here in Collin County who have decided that we want to make a difference in the lives of these kiddos.  Want to join us???  You get a pretty sweet deal in this!!!  Support us and these children by buying some cupcakes from us!!!
Between now and April 14th, I will be taking orders for cupcakes!!! And Owen, Gracie, and I will be delivering them (within the DFW area) on the 16th with a smile.  :)

You even have two options (who doesn't love options???)!

You can buy the old-fashioned chocolate or vanilla cupcake with confetti, strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla icing by the dozen for $20.00.
OR you can buy really fancy, super yummy, stuffed, or super decorated cupcakes for $25.00.  Please check out my (ever so talented) Mom's blog here  and Jessicake's website here.  These awesome ladies have SO MANY options to choose from...and they are FABULOUS!!!  Here are a few of many options...

JessiCake's superhero cupcakes

JessiCake's Fish Cupcake

More awesome JessiCake's cupcakes

Eaton Cupcakes's Oreo cupcakes (oreo cookie on the bottom too...yummmm)

Pound Cake cupcake with Raspberry filling and buttercream icing

Eaton Cupcake's mix (carrot cake, coconut, pbj, banana, raspberry filled)

Orders can be emailed to
Or you can call or facebook me!

To our sweet Owen,
I am so thankful for you - all of you.  Every little thing about you is a gift from God.  You truly do make me think about things I never have before.  And my hearts grows and grows as a result.  Your smile changes this world we live in.  
Love you more,