Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Inspirations Blog Series 3

Well...it has been quite a while since my last blog post!  The reason being...in all honesty...I just haven't been feeling very inspired.  This stay at home Mom of two business is tough and there are times when I think I am doing well to just make it through the day with my sanity in tact.  Owen and Gracie are just a bit of a handful at times (not to mention the many other life "growth opportunities" going on right now), and though I am certain that my kids are perfect in every way...lets just say that they are keeping me on my toes!!!
With a few counseling sessions (yes...I admit it...sometimes we all need a little help!) and some much needed Mommy's Night Outs - I am feeing much better!  And I am back to feeling a little bit inspired again...hoping that the floodgates will open again and pour out like they did in the golden days.  Lol.
So...here are a few that have stuck out to me lately...

You may recognize this pic - I think I may have posted it before.  It is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE pics ever taken.  It was taken by a friend that we met in Uganda who was also adopting a little boy.  We went into a village to take pictures of a friend's little girl for her - and it was an awesome little trip.  My friend Abi happens to be Abi of Abiqphotography.com...and one of the most talented, beautiful, and creative women I know.  She has a passion for photography and capturing the most beautiful moments and that inspires me almost as much as this picture does.  She also has a sweet soul...and that inspires me even more than the pic.

Coffee makes me so. very. happy.  REALLY...the kind of happy that makes me smile...when I am all by myself...or when the house is full of people.  Good days.  Hard days.  They have to start with coffee (or I will get a migraine by 10...but hey...that is OK!).  

A good movie is so easy to get lost in.  You can, for just a little while, forget about everything and explore a new world.  A movie is made so much better when shared with someone you love - friend or hubby!  Though a friend is more likely to agree with you on what movie you pick.  :)

And this is what I have for now.  I do still have my list...but we are moving and it is in a box somewhere around here.  I am sure I will have more inspiration soon.  What inspires you?